Here's a random assortment of a bunch of a projects.

So, I really hate clicking on buttons to view various projects. (And even more than that, I HATE portfolios where you have to click and arrow button to advance through a series of single photographs, one at a time. That’s ridiculously inefficient.) This page has most projects listed out in one view! If you like lots of clicks, go to our other version of our portfolio here… the projects are grouped by theme.

Daphne Perfume Branding

Let’s start with Daphne. This was a perfume branding project for a scent that fuses natural radiance with feminine allure. …So in order to communicate these specific qualities, I chose to reference the Greek myth of a beautiful, young woman who was transformed into a laurel tree by the gods… as a metaphor of sorts.

All of the graphics for this brand portray the exact moment of metamorphosis, when Daphne becomes both a woman and a tree. The bottle is shaped like an opening laurel bud, with the petal taking on the form of a woman. My print ad depicts a woman wearing a dress of flowers and vines that transforms her into a tree.

#LauTul (a wedding hashtag)

Then because I really was digging that style, I used it for my wedding-day-hashtag. Which is basically a merging of mine and my husband’s names. For this one, I incorporated a variety of flowers along with cute little elements like bees, spider webs, an elephant… 



And then from here I think I should go into my other India projects… I can show a big painting for some, and then show the repeats in a little row with different background colors. I could also do some instagram integrations where I show the actual posts. Or list out the comments on the ones that people really liked. I also want to include the little projects like the planters… and the little fans.